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KEY FEATURES and Benefits

VORTX is the next generation of Big Data tools for:
  • Market Segmentation
  • Fraud Detection
  • Risk Management, and
  • Resource Optimisation
because of the following characteristics:


27% or even more precise than traditional clustering algorithms on the market, this can change the whole strategy.

Restful API

You can easily embed VORTX’s intelligence in your applications.

No parameters

You get the optimum number of groups automatically, all you need is to press the button and wait for the results.

Sharpness of the findings

Not only it finds patterns of the data behaviour, it indicates how strong they are, giving confidence you need for decision making.


VORTX make it easy to dynamically interact with with groups to spot the most important patterns even if you have more than 10 factors under analysis.


Everything is processed in the cloud by a highly secure and scalable infrastructure.

Pitch-GOV-SP Award

The state of São Paulo (40% of the Brazilian GDP) selected the 15 best solutions to solve its strategic large-scale challenges


VORTX was designed to make critical data analysis easy
What is VORTX?

VORTX is a scalable cloud-based solution for discovering and intuitively describe relevant business insights in large datasets. VORTX is able to automatically create the profile of customers, patients and business transactions based on many more factors than a human being ever could.
By detecting key characteristics that separate or unite elements of each profile and how much they represent on your revenue/costs you can acting rapidly improving operations.
Yet, for those who enjoy data science, VORTX is the next generation of clustering algorithms that incorporates the finest Big Data technologies such as Scala, SPARK, AKKA to make predictive analytics a lot easier and more precise than current solutions on the market that sometimes are cool, but not scalable, are free, but not precise or even have by far too many buttons.

  • Easy for Business People

    Decision makers and easily understand and spot key business opportunities to unlocking the real potential of each department of business sector.

  • Easy for data scientists

    Predictive analytics is a pure knowledge intensive activity, very expensive too, thus a more intelligent and intuitive solution like VORTX can streamline this process.

  • EASY for Partners

    Partners can incorporate years of research and state-of-the art Big Data technologies in their product mix to leveraging their offerings right away.


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Joni Hoppen

CEO – Data Scientist
Data Scentist MSc. Business Information Technology in the Netherlands, passionate about what Big Data can do to solve large-scale problems…
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Marcos Santos

CTO – Data Scientist
Master in Engineering and Knowledge Management by the Federal University of Santa Catarina and ITIL Foundation / EXIN and CTFL ISTQB certification. With 20 years of experience in software development, data analytics and IT industry
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Eduardo Pacheco

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Paulo Crestani

Business Mentor
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Yuri Cardenas

Full stack developer
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Wagner Dantas

Full stack developer
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Lilian Santos

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Conrado Vardanega

Front-end Developer
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Egon Sewald Jr.

Scala Developer
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Leonel Furtado

Data Scientist and Researcher


UK Chapter programme selected Aquarela VORTX Big Data for the Business Mission to the UK in February 2016

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